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Sometimes Beauty is the Beast
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What is Project QK?

Project Queen Kaiju is a space set aside for a specific theme that much of my artwork focuses on--female transformation. I've always been fascinated with duality of all kinds--secret identities, mirror worlds, cars that turn into robots, you name it. But one duality that I've come to find especially intriguing is the transition from traditional beauty to something monstrous.

Here you will find illustrations of characters who are prim and proper, sweet and wholesome, or refined and elegant. You will also find creatures of strength, savagery, and rage. And you will find illustrations depicting the strange, sometimes terrible, always fascinating process where one becomes the other.

People get different things from this subject, but the ideas are universal... the raw emotions and animal instincts that are hidden and contained by the constructs of civilization so that our society doesn't fall into chaos, and the excitement created when we peel away and discard that shell.

The women in this gallery are arguably exaggerated versions of an increasingly outdated feminine ideal, and the monsters are of course wild and brutish to the extreme. The transition from one to the other is a depiction of loss of control that should only exist in the realm of imaginiation. But eventually you may find how some of these women take control of their inhuman half and learn there is a time and a place for both sides, and to accept their wild side while still valuing their human selves.

This art may not be for everyone, which is why I keep it mostly separate from my main gallery here:

You may also wish to explore the world of my OC Janet Walker, aka the She-Wolf--a character who combines this "subgenre" with my other interest as she channels the power from her inner monster to become a costumed crime fighter:

So enter the gallery to explore beauty, monstrosity, and the strange space between...

Operating System: Windows 7


Betty Fade to Gray 2018
Years before Red She-Hulk or the recent scarred gray Hulk/She-Hulk was the Fade to Gray fan fiction that put demure damsel in distress Betty Ross in the role of the gray at sundown Hulk. The story inspired some of my favorite She-Hulk TF fan arts, so it’s a theme I like to visit myself from time to time. This collage is one I’ve been picking at between other projects over the last year.

Pencils: Procreate
Inks & flat colors: Autodesk Sketchbook
Renders & Backdrop: Clip Studio Paint EX
February 28th, 2018
Character copyright Marvel Comics
Work in progress Wednesday: I’m working on my first Pay Per View sequence. Here’s a sneak peek:

Filename by ProjectQKArchives
In case you don't see my statuses, just wanted to let you know that commissions are finally live again.  Details are here:

<da:thumb id="675316420"/>

Be sure to note me at the :icondragonfly177: page if you're interested.

Take a look around the :icondragonfly177: page, too--I've done some housecleaning and reorganizing and new material is being added again on a regular basis.

Also, work has begun on the final installment of Mercury Rising.  Stay tuned...

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Nicolakiy08 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
Your art is amazing! Can you maybe do a Sailor Jupiter She Hulk tf??
JasonPictures Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017
When are you going to continue with this?


Continue this even when it's past Halloween. If you know the phrase, "better late than never", that is...
RainPain478 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
I love your art, you are great! Do you plan on doing a sequence of this one? projectqkarchives.deviantart.c…

It would be awesome to see a girl saying a spell and wishing the moon to transform her into a werewolf, maybe for halloween
Rob3rt95 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
Will you continue with this?:

Turkish182 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Student Photographer
I should send you a PDF of my novel and get your input.

It's up your alley...
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